Training With Katie

katie roppoloThe East Greenbush Animal Hospital is proud to offer training classes from certified dog trainer Katie Roppolo.

Puppy Pre K

  • Puppies 10-16 weeks old
    • Focus on Socialization/Play
    • Temperament Training & Bite Inhibition
    • Basic Good Manners—sit, stay, come, down , loose leash walking, leave it and other polite behaviors
    • Discuss—Common problems like jumping, digging, bark-ing, housetraining and more ….
    • Classes are 7 weeks long
    • Initial Class is for pet parents only
    • Taught with friendly, fun and gentle methods for the whole family

Puppy Kindergarten

  • Puppies under 26 weeks old
    • Must have completed Puppy Pre K
    • Focus on sharpening the skills learned in Puppy Pre K
    • Classes are 6 weeks long

Family Dog I

  • Puppies & Dogs over 16 weeks of age
    • Socialization
    • Focus on Basic Skills—Similar to Puppy Class
    • Preventing Behavior Problems—Similar to Puppy Class
    • Classes are 7 weeks long
    • Initial Class is for Parents Only
    • Lots of fun so bring the whole family

Family Dog II

  • Puppies/Dogs over 19 weeks of age
    • Must have completed the Puppy or Family Dog 1
    • Focus on sharpening Basic Skills
    • Added Distractions
    • More Reliable “Recalls”
    • Outstanding “Stays” and much more

Other Classes Available

If you want a well trained dog or get your dog TDI certification:
• Pro Dog I: must complete Family Dog II
• Pro Dog II: must complete Pro Dog I
If you are looking for something fun for you and your dog :
• Tricks: must complete Family Dog II,
• Nosework: must complete Family Dog II, teaches your dog how to find scents or objects.


Call our office to find out when the next sessions begin.

Class sizes are limited  so reserve your spot now!



More about Katie Roppolo

Katie has had a passion for dogs all her life, but it was not until she enrolled her new puppy into training classes that she realized she wanted to make a career out of working with dogs. Katie was a Dog Trainer for PetSmart before deciding to focus on building a business centered around fulfilling the needs of dogs and their owners by creating a loving and happy relationship built on trust and respect. Katie uses Force-Free Posi-tive Reinforcement training techniques that have been proven to be the most effective way to train animals.
Always wanting to expand her dog training knowledge, Katie enrolled in Animal Behavioral College and graduated as a Certified Dog Train-er. She is a member of the Association of Pro-fessional Dog Trainers and has attended semi-nars with Victoria Stilwell, Ian Dunbar, Temple Grandin, Patrica McConnell and many other well respected trainers and behaviorists.

Visit Katie Roppolo’s dog training website.