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Husband and wife team, Dr. Chris Rocchio and Dr. Debbie Chew, with their combined 20 years of veterinary experience, are proud to offer the people and pets of the Capital District a choice for quality and compassionate veterinary health care. The East Greenbush Animal Hospital is a 7200 square foot, state of the art facility with an open floor plan designed to maximize comfort and minimize stress for both the patients and their owners. Read more about why the East Greenbush Animal Hospital is the perfect choice for your pet’s veterinary care.

What’s New!



We have changed our online store!  Those of you that have been using the Pet Portal store should find this even more user friendly!  The new store has some nice options for auto-ship of maintenance medication  as well as monthly shipments of prevention medication!   Click on the Vet Source tab to begin shopping.

petPortalLoginYou can still access your pets medical history and contact us with questions or appointment requests through the Pet Portal tab.


Pet Slim Down: A Weight Management Program


Maintaining an ideal weight and body condition can add years to your pet’s life.  Overweight pets tend to be less active and have more difficulty grooming themselves properly.  Serious medical conditions can develop because of this.   At the East Greenbush Animal Hospital, we wish to educate owners

Our purpose as an animal hospital, is to facilitate, enhance, lengthen and strengthen the family-pet relationship.and provide individualized support, diet and lifestyle recommendations for each dog or cat in our program.  We have several Licensed Veterinary Technicians that have pursued certification through Nestle Purina as a Weight Coach.  Each pet is assigned a personal Weight Coach to work with through their journey.

Call today to schedule an evaluation for your pet with his/her personal Weight Coach.


Because pets are part of the family.


A credit card for my pet? Well, yes, for his healthcare needs — and yours too. You can use the card over and overeither for follow- up visits with your veterinarian or to pursue the pet dentistry you’ve wanted. Whether it’s an everyday checkup, or an emergency surgery, CareCredit offers you convenient monthly payment options, so you can worry aboutthe important stuff. You know, like playing fetch and learning new tricks.


We won the 2011 Super Service Award on Angie’s List. Thank you for all the wonderful reviews!

Dog Training Classes- We offer dog/puppy training classes here with certified trainer Teri Rudolph. Teri’s mission is to help you and your dog enjoy many happy years together. She has three different levels for her classes:  Puppy Class for up to 18 weeks old; Good Manners 1 for over 18 weeks old; and newly added Good Manners 2 for puppies/dogs that have completed one of the other two classes she offers.  The training packages include 6 classes with Teri.  The initial class in Puppy and Good Manners 1 are informative and for parents only.  Good Manners 2 has a private 20 minute session as the last class.  If you would like to learn more about Teri or the classes she instructs here click on the link to her page in the text above or go to the Facility and Services tab on the top of this page.   Classes fill up quickly so stop by or call our office to reserve your dogs spot in the next session!


  Flea & Tick Preventatives-Generic vs. Vet Approved

In the past two years, the Capital District has seen an increase in the number of households that are affected by fleas.  Once again we have had a fairly mild winter and the fleas have continued to be a problem.  As a pet owner are exposed to new products being introduced to the over the counter (OTC) market continuously.  The question stands – purchase prevention products from your veterinarian or the OTC market.  Some of the products available OTC may be tempting because of a perceived lower cost, buyer beware! The bottom line is fleas and ticks may result in a medical condition and you should seek the advice of your veterinarian.  When you purchase your pet’s preventatives from your veterinarian, not only do you get their help and support, you also get the support of the product’s manufacturer.  A veterinarian offering these preventatives can guarantee effectiveness, direct you to the correct product to meet your pet’s needs, and answer any questions you may have.  Generic parasiticides and OTC preventatives may boast similar active ingredients, but different necessary inert ingredients such as carrier molecules resulting in a far less effective product. The wrong product, used improperly, can be potentially fatal. Used effectively, veterinarian purchased products will guarantee satisfaction and save you money in the long run.

We are proud to say that we are a “flea free facility”.  In an effort to keep this status we require all animals that stay in our facility to be current on a veterinarian approved flea prevention.  If you have any questions regarding this policy, please discuss it with one of our staff members prior to your pets scheduled stay.

The Rabies Vaccine- With a confirmed case of rabies in Rensselaer County this year, we can’t stress enough the importance of keeping your pet current on this vaccine. There were over 7,000 confirmed cases of rabies in the United States last year. Not only is it required by New York State law for all dogs, cats and ferrets to be up to date on rabies, it is pertinent to ensure the safety of your family (2 and 4 legged) and your peace of mind. If your pet is not current, and has an unexplained wound or bite mark, you will be facing a mandatory 6 month quarantine period in which your pet must be behind two closed doors and have limited contact with visitors (i.e. a basement, spare bedroom, or kennel). New York State is taking this threat seriously, and has begun to crack down on owner’s who have pets that are past due with suspect exposure. Unfortunately, cats are brought to the vet half as often as their canine companions. Even though your cat may be an indoor pet, it does not mean yearly visits and vaccines are not important. There is always a chance that this issue could affect your family, so please, take a moment and make sure your beloved 4 legged family members are up to date-it is less stressful than taking chances.

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